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REJUVX : FEED for the hair
REJUVX : FEED for the hair - REJUVX - Haircare Treatments

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REJUVX : FEED for the hair
REJUVX - Haircare Treatments

REJUVX: per NUTRIRE il capello

Nourishing to the skin, non-pharmacological. High concentrations of botanical extracts, antioxidants and vitamins (A, C, E, F, H) treated with cold, making it a nutrient that can prevent the damaging effects of free radicals and DHT reducing the formation of toxins. It serves to all those who lose their hair or those who have fine hair devitalized.
packaging : bottle of 112 ml.

Intensive Nourishing Accelerator. It acts as a fertilizer for the skin, stimulates the fast growth of new hair and promotes the thickening fine hair, energizing the activity of growth. It serves those who have a lot of hair loss, which began serving a thinning of the hair, where it started thinning or where there is already an advanced thinning.
packaging : bottle of 59 ml.