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VITAMINIC straightening CREAM
VITAMINIC straightening CREAM - EMMEDICIOTTO - Hair Straighteners

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VITAMINIC straightening CREAM
EMMEDICIOTTO - Hair Straighteners

straightening cream to wheat proteins without thioglycolic acid and ammonia. Formulated for all hair types to create smooth effects and to reduce the volume of the hedgehog.
This product processing environments typical of alkaline (pH 9) was balanced by a set of functional ingredients with moisturizing, nourishing, conditioning, restorative and emollient. Ultimately straightening CREAM, while maintaining high efficiency, provides an effective minor deterioration of the hair compared to the more traditional permanent and contropermanenti.
- Wheat Protein (nourishing and restorative)
- Silicones (softening and polishing)
- Panthenol (moisturizing and tonic)
- Vitamins (action tonic)
- WITHOUT thioglycolic acid
method of use : wash your hair with shampoo Every Day 01 carefully removing all the impurities. Apply on the hair straightening CREAM giving the desired shape. Combing frequently for a better ironing ; perform a control of the lock every 3 /5 minutes. At the end of the 15 /20 minutes rinse for 5 minutes while removing excess water, comb, then apply Neutralising Lotion and leave on for about 7/8 minutes combing frequently. Rinse thoroughly and then dry you want.
Times : for natural and treated hair, 15/20 minutes: check every 3 /5 minutes. For hair with : 15 minutes, checking every 3 minutes.
package : 250 ml tube.

Neutralizing lotion prepared with vitamins and panthenol which give the hair shine and comb ; puts a cosmeticità recreating the form just given. The hair will appear conditioned with a perfect sheen
package : 1000 ml bottle.