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THE COLOR superschiarente
THE COLOR superschiarente - MEDAVITA - Hair Color

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THE COLOR superschiarente
MEDAVITA - Hair Color


self-protective oxidation color cream
Lightens natural hair by more than 4 tones and is gentle, enhancing the natural color with amazing play of light. The formulations are designed to achieve intense reflections in the maximum respect of the hair fiber. The extract of Limnantes dawn, the plant family Rosaceae, effectively protects the stem and optimizes brightness and seal the final result. It has a pleasant scent, does not cause burning sensation on the skin and rinses easily.
Shades available in 6 shades
method of use : dilute a 60 ml tube with 180 ml ​​of Colormax MedaVita in 40 volumes. Installation time 45 minutes
box: 60 ml tube astucciato